back by popular demandTHE DREAM RAFFLE 2.0 IS FINALLY HERE!

You asked and we Heard…
Introducing The Dream Raffle 2.0

Following last year’s resounding success,
The Am Yisrael Chai foundation
is once again offering you the chance to win the
keys-quite literally- to the ultimate dream :

A Brand-New
Jerusalem Apartment
Overlooking Har HaBayit!

It’s The City.
It’s The Dream.
It’s The Chance of a Lifetime

And Now it Can All Be Yours

Yes! I want to Win!
Where Does my money go?

congratulations to last years winner
Don Wisniewski from Wipahu, Hawaii!

I was so Surprised and Overwhelmed
When I got the phonecall

I didn’t know what to say! It was such a
blessing to win, but it was also a blessing knowing that the
proceeds from the raffle would go directly to
programs that would bless so many in Israel

Don Wisniewski

All Proceeds support
Am Yisrael Chai

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