Just One Raffle Ticket Away From Your Very Own Jerusalem Apartment!

It’s no joke. Just one raffle ticket can be the keys to your dream apartment in Jerusalem. (Literally!)
Am Yisroel Chai is raffling off the opportunity to own a home in our homeland. This apartment is not a rental, nor is it a lease. It’s a $1,000,000 luxury apartment overlooking Har Habayit – to keep, forever. And it can be yours for only $180! Win your very own Jerusalem apartment or cash equivalent.

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Buy 1 ticket and we will give you 2.
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The 2018 winner of The Dream Raffle was Don Wisniewski from Waipahu, Hawaii. This year’s winner? It could be you!

All proceeds benefit Am Yisroel Chai, an organization devoted to supporting the people of Israel through a multitude of programs and services.

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